Less waste, more life

Less waste, more life

Waste legislation is changing and, as a result of this, all waste will be segregated at the Elmsleigh Centre from 1st March 2022. This is part of the shopping centre's and retailer head offices' environmental management plans.

We hope the initiative will see a significant increase on our recycled waste streams.  Our compactor is currently taken away for further recycling but, in future, we are going to recycle and bale much more on-site and the aim is for the waste to be cost neutral.

As part of the in-centre 'less waste, more life' initiative, our new procedure will include the following:

  • All businesses will have three bins, one for each waste stream
  • All food waste from staff rooms will be segregated
  • Waste bags will be issued free to all stores
  • Bags will be barcoded and passed to the retailers
  • Contaminated bags will be returned

Types of bags:

  • Clear barcoded bags - clear plastic & small cardboard only
  • Pink tinted barcoded bags – other dry mixed recycling only
  • Blue tinted barcoded bags – general waste (no food) only

We hope that you will support our campaign, to help reduce carbon dioxide and save £££'s!

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