Code of Conduct

At the Elmsleigh Centre, we would like every visitor to have a pleasant experience. We therefore ask that you follow our Visitor Code of Conduct whilst on site.

At The Elmsleigh Centre, whether you are here to shop or eat, we want your experience to be pleasant and memorable. To help us maintain a great experience for everyone we ask that when using the centre, you follow our Visitor Code of Conduct.

We would advise that:

  1. Children must always be supervised whilst in your care when you are visiting the centre.
  2. Inappropriate behaviour of any kind towards other visitors, our staff or retailers is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
  3. Use of inappropriate language or swearing is not allowed in the centre.
  4. Please do not throw any objects within the centre.
  5. Please do not run in the malls.
  6. All access required for commercial reasons, i.e., leafleting, canvassing, conducting third-party interviews must be authorised by centre management prior.
  7. Cycling, rollerblades, micro-scooters, skateboards, and Heeley’s, Segways, are not allowed in the centre.
  8. Inappropriate use of customer lifts and escalators is strictly prohibited.
  9. You are free to take pictures with friends or family. However, commercial filming or photography must be authorised by centre management.
  10. Shirts/tops and footwear must be always worn in the mall. Hoods attached to jackets or tops must be worn down whilst you are visiting the centre.
  11. Crash helmets should be removed upon entering the centre. Refusing to do so will result in you being asked to leave the premises.
  12. Ball games are not allowed.
  13. Bringing animals into the centre is not permitted, except for dogs that are trained to assist vulnerable or disabled customers.
  14. Vaping is not permitted in the centre.

Please also note:

  • It is against the law to smoke inside premises, including the car park, and alcohol consumption is not permitted in Elmsleigh Shopping Centre.
  • Any act of vandalism towards our property or our retailers will be dealt with accordance with law enforcement bodies.

This above list is not exhaustive. We reserve the right to deny anyone entry whose actions we deem as inappropriate. Anyone who ignores the above rules or commits a crime will be denied entry by the centre management of The Elmsleigh Shopping Centre.