Environmental Policy

Elmsleigh Shopping Centre has a responsibility to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment wherever possible.

At Elmsleigh Shopping Centre we recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our operation on the environment wherever possible. Sustainability and reducing environmental impact are central to our business strategy alongside making a difference within our local community.

We are committed to:

  • Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations 
  • Encouraging environmentally responsible behaviour throughout our workforce 
  • Improving the awareness and understanding of environmental issues amongst contractors, tenants and visitors
  • Continually improve by putting sustainability at the centre of operational decision making; incorporating small and large changes to centre operations and processes which have a positive environmental impact  
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible and practicable by developing non-polluting practices
  • Sourcing electricity for the centre common areas that originates from 100% renewable sources 
  • Communicating ways in which the local community can engage and contribute to centre sustainability initiatives
  • Setting goals and targets to continually improving our environmental performance 

Our Environmental Goals

  • Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Improve energy efficiency within all common parts of the centre 
  • Promote the reduction, re-use and recycling of our waste and focus on waste minimisation
  • Ensuring safe and efficient storage and disposal of all waste
  • Educate all stakeholders 

Elmsleigh Shopping Centre is proud that it has:

Replaced 95% of incandescent lighting for LED lighting and switched to a green energy provider.

No waste generated goes to landfill and is all recycled, and for the period April 23 to March 24:

  • Cardboard recycling increased by 4%
  • Plastic recycling increased by 1%
  • Paper recycling increased by 2.5%

Creating Better Places through your charity water donations

We’ve worked with our service partners to ensure that the use of sustainable products and equipment we’ve identified will generate a water donation of 14,214 litres via Made Blue, who build water wells in areas of need to supply water directly to those communities.
Last year we helped donate fresh clean water to communities in need across Ethiopia, Senegal and other developing countries.

Gary Little
Centre Manager