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Working remotely

Working at home is new to many people in our community and there are both benefits and challenges involved. We've shared a few tips...

1) Have a dedicated workspace in your home if you can

If you already have an office at home, this is an easy fix. If not, you could look to convert a spare room or space as it's useful to have a specific place to work, if only a corner of the bedroom. It's best to avoid areas where there might be distractions!

2) Get dressed

It's easy to fall into the trap of working in your PJs, but better to prepare for a day at work as you normally would. Dress appropriately, especially if you have a video call booked!

3) Deal with distractions well

Inevitably there will be distractions, particularly if you have family around because of the Coronavirus, but it's best to avoid going down YouTube or TikTok tunnels...or binge watching the TV.

4) Take breaks ideally out of your house

The Covid-19 advice makes this more challenging, but even a few breaks walking around the garden or lunges in the hallway can make a huge difference to your output and reduce inevitable back pain from sitting down for hours on end.

5) Don't lose touch with your work friends

The social element of offices/workplaces is important so don't let working remotely take that away. Why not look at some of the fantastic communication tools on offer, including video conferencing and instant messaging to keep everybody in the loop?

6) Making working comfortable

You'll want to try and make your temporary office at home as comfortable and functional as you can. It's worth taking a look at your chair and the height of your computer as your neck and back will thank you for it!

7) Set goals - and beat them!

It's a good idea to set yourself goals each day and keep a record of what you do to track your output.

8) Deal with being disconnected

Try to communicate face-to-face where you can, for example using video calls, as it can make you feel much more connected.

9) Keep everyone in the loop

Remote workers can feel that they are out of the loop. At the moment though, many people are in the same boat so hopefully that will help!

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